Make Money With A-Ads advertising network payments via Bitcoin – Earn Money...

Make Money With A-Ads advertising network payments via Bitcoin – Earn Money with CPM, CPC

Bitcoin is very hot today and great value, whether we make money with advertising networks CPM payments via Bitcoin is fantastic. It is fortunate to have an ad network to do this it is A-Ads.

  • Anonymous Ads do paid advertising networks CPM were present from 2011
  • Payment via Bitcoin
  • Min pay 0.0001 Bitcoin
  • Automated billing and payment when sufficient min Instant
  • This ad network easily accept and blogspot website
  • Each click costs  0.00005122  B ($ 0.02) 


You register by clicking on the following link: After you click the link above and register to become a publisher for A-Ads

Earn Money you pick and choose the Create an Ad Unit and conducted fill the following form

Select a banner size to put on the website and choose to put ULR for Website

Enter your login information

Enter your Bitcoin wallet and select Create Ad Unit
After you have built will have a code to your website or blog set up

A-Ads instant payment and automated offline payment when sufficient min. Min pay 0.0001 Bitcoin. Instant Pay NOTE : You recently completed your registration please save the last link to view account information and view their income earned offline Eg As her here: https: // a-ads .com / ad_units / 171 438 This is the payment you receive offline
Good luck!