Börse Stuttgart Group (BSG), the second largest stock exchange in Germany, has set up a strategic partnership with solarisBank to develop a zero-free crypto trading platform.

Alexander Höptner, CEO of BSG was quite enthusiastic about entering the world of crypto trading, mentioning that SolarisBank will be of great help to the successful development of this project:

“With its combination of technology and banking expertise, solarisBank is a great partner for us to offer central services along the value chain for digital assets. SolarisBank’s blockchain factory helps us to take the trade in cryptocurrencies and tokens to a new level and set standards in transparency and reliability.”

In the early phase, the project will support only Bitcoin and Ethereum. BSG commented that the platform will be available to private and institutional investors expecting to broaden its client base and promote ecosystem growth.

It is also important to note that BSG also stated that it is working on the development of a mobile trading app. The project, named BISON is being developed in collaboration with Sowa Labs, a software development company.

TD Ameritrade Claims to Be “Exploring” Digital Assets Like XRP

Responding to a tweet from one of its users, TD Ameritrade Network commented that they are exploring the possibility of adding support for XRP trading and are actively working to make these kinds of ideas a reality.

The community’s growing interest in XRP is a sign that the token is gaining public acceptance and of course, institutions that adapt to these trends are the most likely to evolve in the ecosystem.

So far the TD Ameritrade team has not given more concrete statements, but the firm’s bullish stance towards Ripple’s token is of great importance to those who make investments focusing in the mid-term future.

TD Ameritrade’s response sparked positive reactions by Twitter users, especially among “fans” of the token who quickly expressed their enthusiasm assuring that this decision could increase the number of customers currently running the platform.

Right now XRP is being traded at around 0.29 USD per token. Its behavior has been quite stable during the last hours. According to data provided by TradingView such price is located near the Record lows for 2018.

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